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Bold Legal Group

Rob Hailstone, an ex-residential property conveyancer, with over 40 years’ experience, formed the Bold Legal Group (BLG) in 2010. Rob has an extensive number of contacts in the legal profession, making sure that the BLG members are kept as fully informed as is possible with all relevant changes that will affect and have an impact of the way they work, advise their clients, and manage and run their firms.


The CS Partnership

We are Sarah Keegan and Clair Payne, founders and owners of The CS Partnership. Our partnership of working together began in 2005. Back then, we took responsibility for leading one of the largest property departments in the country, with a team of 100 submitting 4,000 completed property transactions a month to H.M. Land Registry.


x-press legal services

Reliable reports delivered by a team you can trust – our network of 26 offices, run by people who are experts in reporting and have an in-depth knowledge of their local area, means you can rely on our accurate, comprehensive and dependable reports and build a close working relationship with your local X-Press team.

Our Clients

Farnworth Rose Solicitors

At Farnworth Rose Solicitors they provide a complete range of legal services to clients in Nelson, Burnley and across Pendle.

They began as a small team helping people in the Burnley, Nelson and Pendle area with all the legal aspects of their move. Thry have now grown into a team of more than 25 people with dedicated conveyancers acting for people nationwide.

Their team of experienced conveyancers always put client care first and will be on hand to provide the best possible legal experience throughout your move.


Hamilton Davies Solicitors

Their purpose is to provide high quality legal advice and assistance at a reasonable cost, while giving directors and staff a realistic remuneration and the best possible opportunities for personal fulfilment in a friendly and hard-working environment.

They care about you and will do their best to understand and sympathise with your problems and meet your needs by:

Commitment – replacing uncertainty with a proper appreciation of and solution to your problems and requirements.

Competence – effecting a speedy and efficient resolution by utilising our extensive resources both within and outside the firm.

Integrity – explaining to you at each stage what they are doing on your behalf and why, and only proceeding when you understand and approve the strategy agreed upon.

Fair Price – pricing their work fairly and carrying it out as quickly and economically as possible.


WSP Solicitors

WSP Solicitors are an independent legal firm with offices in Stroud, Dursley and Gloucester, serving Gloucestershire and beyond. They have been offering straightforward legal advice and support to local people and businesses for over 250 years. They listen, they understand and they advise. So when situations in your life become difficult, they can help you make everything easier again.

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