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The UK’s only fully comprehensive SDLT calculator providing a risk assessment and direct access to one of the UK’s leading SDLT advisors.

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Exemptions, Exceptions and Reliefs in SDLT legislation
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Intuitive User Interface

Entering 2021 with a fresh, new Front-end User Interface and more robust Back-end Compass has been updated to give users a whole new experience when calculating SDLT.

The most Accurate Results

Providing you with a reliable and accurate result every time. Our calculator has been designed and developed to put your needs first.

CQS Compliant

Compass provides an indemnified and fully CQS compliant audit trail for you and your client’s peace of mind.

De-Risk Your Business

Compass is a one stop application for all your SDLT needs, helping you to ensure that SDLT is calculated correctly for each of your clients first time, every time, and giving you the audit trail you need to prove it. Produce accurate SDLT numbers for your clients regardless of their circumstances or the type of property being purchased, avoiding the costs of:

  • Underestimated SDLT due to missed factors like additional properties, leading to loss of property and client dissatisfaction.
  • Overestimated SDLT leading to lengthy reclaim processes with HMRC and potential claims against your firm by the client.
  • Loss of professional reputation and higher PI insurance costs.

Simple, web-based interface

Produces complete audit trail with breakdown of calculation and return completion instructions

Warning messages where transactions are not normal for SDLT purposes

Direct referral to Expert Advisors for detailed advice

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February 26th, 2021

New SDLT Compass Website

February 25th, 2021

New SDLT Compass Website

February 24th, 2021

New SDLT Compass Website


Sandbox Trial Period

By signing up you will be automatically entered into a 14 trial period. Here you can access all of the system’s features, except the Indemnified versions of the Audit Trail.

Compass Pricing

Compass Fees are charged on a per calculation basis, at £50+VAT each. For this, you will receive a full breakdown of the Matter and (in the case of Low-Risk results) a printable CQS-compliant audit trail for your file. Where a case is High-Risk and you refer it for expert advice, additional charges will be agreed between the advisers and your client for the provision of that advice.

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