4 Ways we can help you save on your Stamp Duty Land Tax

4 Ways we can help you save on your Stamp Duty Land Tax

4 Ways we can help you save on your Stamp Duty Land Tax

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With Stamp Duty Land Tax the subject of yet another current consultation, the whys and wherefores of this most complex of UK taxes stand to be altered once again.

With up to one in ten buyers already paying the wrong amount of Stamp Duty, it can’t help but feel that the dice are being rolled once again and those looking to buy property are the ones who will lose out.

Thankfully, with Compass in your corner, you can make sure that you pay what you should, and no more.

We’d like to share with you four features which help you to save money on the most expensive transaction you’re ever likely to undertake: 

1.            An extensive Database – Using the Compass database, our partner firms like Farnworth Rose, hold detailed information on every one of the (currently) 49 exemptions, exceptions and reliefs which exist in the SDLT legislation. This means that no matter how complex your purchase, or what particular reliefs might apply, you can be assured that we will find them.

2.            A full team – programmers, tax advisers and legal experts work together to make sure that the Compass database is constantly brought up to date with all the latest amendments, meaning that a change to the legislation won’t catch you or your solicitor unawares, and that you’ll get the maximum benefit of the law as it stands when you buy.

3.            A Comprehensive Audit Trail – Compass produces details of every transaction it assesses in the form of a full report, enabling your lawyer to provide the exact details of any reliefs claimed on your purchase when completing your SDLT return, ensuring things go smoothly.

4.            A full referral system – should your case prove especially complex or marginal, ensuring a human judgement where even the machine isn’t quite sensitive enough, or even a new suggestion on how to structure your purchase, could help you make a bigger saving.

To read more about how Compass can help your firm, read recent our blog post!

As you can see, if you want to make sure your stamp duty is right first time, every time, and that you make every saving to which you’re entitled, Compass isn’t just the best option – it’s the only option!

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