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What is SDLT Compass?

SDLT Compass is a system developed by a team of Stamp Duty Land Tax expert tax advisers to solve a complex and much misunderstood problem which has bedevilled conveyancers since 2003. Conveyancers need a fast, effective, accurate method for assessing the SDLT/LTT/LBTT due on any property transaction.

Compass delivers this for conveyancers and produces a detailed audit trail to fulfil their CQS and compliance obligations, with the option of referring their clients to a specialist adviser where required.

Compass provides, in a few easy steps, an accurate calculation of the SDLT liability on a transaction for any type of purchase. This figure will also come with a full audit trail detailing the elements of the calculation and how the final figure was arrived at, providing you with everything you need for each case. In potentially contentious purchase types, the system will automatically flag this to the user and allow them to request further advice from a Cornerstone Chartered Tax Advisors at the click of a button.


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